We are a group of medtech innovators from Netherlands and Taiwan. We started working together on an epidural project in 2017. After achieving several milestones, we decided to forma new company together to manage our future innovations, and that’s Flatechs.

Jan Wormmeester

Chief Executive Officer

Jan is an experienced guru of sales and marketing in anesthesia and critical cares.
As a the managing director of Innomed BeNeLux B.V. and Aestus Medical Europe B.V., he has helped dozens of medtech companies reach their commercial success in Europe. He believes that innovation can be of value only when been deployed into real practices.

Joseph Luo, Ph.D.

Chairman & Chief Technology Officer

Joseph is a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and serial entrepreneur in technology field. With previous projects in eco-friendly radiator, portable infusion pump and intelligent epidural locating system, Joseph has a rich track record in bringing tech innovations into real commercial operation. He believes that innovation doesn’t have to be deep techs; Making easy changes to solve the real problem is how innovation should be presented.

Karl Tsao

Chief Marketing Officer

Karl is a M.D./ M.B.A. candidate with years of experience in biomedical researches and business development works. By working with key opinion leaders in the U.S., Europe and Asia, he has brought a renowned epidural solution becoming a leading innovation in the field. He believes that medical products shouldn’t be developed in labs only, it has to be modified and driven by clinical feedback.

Liyu Lin

Chief Scientific Officer

Liyu is a dedicated researcher in biomedical mechanics and imaging. Being trained in clinical radiology, she was evolved in a project of utilizing ultrasound to facilitate medication crossing the blood-brain barriers for better treatment outcomes during her internship. Then she started her own project in orthopedic biomechanics designs during her M.S. program. Both projects were successfully spun-off from the universities. Now she is dedicated in bringing safety solutions to anesthesia and critical cares. She believes that technology should be utilized in the fields that really help with people’s life.

Shao Tseng

Chief Regulatory Officer

Shao is an electrical engineer with years of regulatory discipline experiences. He started his project of an IOT-based healthcare system during his bachelor, with an won honor from ARM, the semiconductor company. During the development process, he realized that products in the healthcare field shouldn’t be made without structure, they should be well-organized and regulated to ensure the safety. That has been his long-term philosophy in idea implementation. He believes that innovation and regulation are not a zero-sum, both can be improved by each other.

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