EpiFaith CV

Safeguarding the Risky Central Lines

With the new visualized syringe, you can be free of the fatal accidents easily.

Millions of Central Lines are Placed Annually in the World.

Messy Tables,
Lack of additional Hands,
Fatal Arterial Punctures.

We are here to Help.

EpiFaith CV


The built-in auto-aspiration and pressure detecting mechanism allows the user to easily focus on needle control and avoid arterial catheterization.

Values Brought

Smooth One-hand Control and

Needle localization has never been so user-friendly and precise. Given the auto-aspiration mechanism, the device automatically induces a negative pressure. Thus, blood reflux is obvious when the needle tip enters a vessel. You are now free of the messy works of pulling the plunger while advancing the needle.

Arterial Puncture Warning

Invasive blood pressuring is the most reliable indicator to distinguish an artery from a vein. EpiFaith CV is carefully calibrated to sense the blood pressure. The white part of the indicator will be covered only if the needle enters the artery, thereby warning the user and avoiding the catheter-induced large-bore arterial puncture.

Hassle-free and Reliable Procedure

We minimize the need to connect and disconnect the syringe. The insertion hole enables direct insertion of the guidewire. Moreover, the negative pressure for auto-aspiration can be simply resumed by pushing the trigger area on the side cover. Thus, the user can restart needle localization at any time without disconnecting the syringe.

How to Use it?


Easy manipulation and confirmation for safety.

No Risky Central Lines anymore.

What are the Doctors Saying

As a 2nd-year resident, I was not confident in central line placement. After trying this cool syringe, I believe there won’t be missed puncture anymore. ”

“I was instantly blown away by their clever idea and the design. It’s a wonderful product for every CVC.”

“I have never thoughts that I can do central lines individually, until the team sent me their sample. It’s insane.”

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